Lucy EM Hunter

Yoga: I have been teaching yoga for many years having originally trained in the Iyengar method in Edinburgh in the early 80’s. I later studied Pilates with the Pilates Institute. My emphasis is on precision, moving from the core and paying attention to the biomechanical aspects of the body. John Stirk's Structural Fitness was a great source of inspiration to me.
I offer several regular classes in Edinburgh on a weekly basis as well as private sessions. I have become adept at working with different levels especially remedial and my classes are friendly and informal, down to earth and not too big.

My schedule, reviews and photographs can be found on Yoga Trail.

Group Facilitation: Back in the early 80’s my then partner and father of my son and I were busy bringing Joanna Macy’s Work That Reconnects or Despair And Empowerment, as it was called then, to Britain. We established a newsletter Threads back in the days of cut and paste on the kitchen table, which we sent out from our home deep in the Welsh hills to those interested. Many of the people in this little network have gone on to become pivotal in the deep ecology movement. And seeds we were all sowing back then have grown into trees! We used to organise regular peer run workshops where we would share deeply in groups following the format of exercises Joanna had set out in her book. We facilitated workshops for the many Peace Groups which were active at that time.

Healing: I discovered my healing gift aged 5 or 6 when my mother wrenched her knee out of alignment whilst tripping bringing food to the table. Without a thought I shot under the table put my hand on her knee and something clicked back and she was instantly fine again. It happened so fast no one really noticed.
It wasn’t until the early 90’s that I started to train in Healing, first with Ruth White of Gildas fame at Le Plan International School of Healing in France where I had the great joy to study and explore over 2 years in the delightful surrounding of Le Plan in France, with Ruth and other healers. Later in the 80’s I studied for many years at the feet of renowned spiritual teacher and healer Mike Robinson where I received a Certificate of Excellence in his Advanced Healing Skills Course in 2003.

Chakra Exploration Teaching: I have run several courses for interested yoga pupils on Chakra Exploration using lots of the wonderful techniques and exercises I had benefitted from myself during my studies.

Past Lives: My healing journey led me to be faced with many disturbing ‘memories’ of another time and place and this led me, in the mid 90’s to Diane Park an Australian Past Life therapist. I subsequently spent several years studying intensively with her and learning many of her amazing techniques. She trained in India and had an extraordinary grounding in so many aspects of inner journey work. She was incredibly thorough and a real stickler for proper procedure. Sadly she died some years ago but her work changed many lives and all who studied with her carry her teachings with them.

Yoga and Sound: I became a little jaded with the ‘NewAge Scene’ and its many pretensions and egos and preferred to slip into the background and work quietly behind the scenes, supporting where I could. It is only since meeting Achim Brandenburg and experiencing his awesome gong and sound bath that I have become inspired again with the fresh energy that the (for me) youngsters are bringing to the healing scene. An earthiness, genuineness as well as real skills but with a lack of pomposity is a delight to experience. And I am thrilled to be stepping forward into this new journey by offering my contribution to the workshops with Achim in A Yoga and Sound Experience. Into the Present!.

I live in Edinburgh where I spend much of my time, when not teaching, on my beloved allotment or writing. I have written and directed one of my plays at the Edinburgh Fringe and am currently working on a spiritual thriller Crossed Destinies.